In the Future No One Will Be Famous

2007, English and German text
Exhibition catalog, Hardcover, 5 x 6 3/4 inches
168 pp, 32 b&w reproductions
ISBN: 978-3-936859-51-5 · Retail Price: $42.00


My Very Gestures

This multi-dimensional exhibition catalog documents internationally recognized artist Antje Majewski’s solo show in Salzburg, Austria. Majewski – best known for photorealistic, figurative paintings grapple with existential questions like friendship, love, masquerade and death – also expresses her interest in the psychology of individuals in relation to society and history through photography, video, film, installation and dance theater, all of which are documented here. In a profound essay, critic Dominic Eichler shows how Majewski’s work is “informed by a progressive form of feminism,” while author Ingo Niermann and curator Sebastian Cichocki contribute other insights. A conversation between the artist and art historian Tanja Widmann reveals some of the personal and philosophical concerns underlying her practice.

2009 / English & German / Softcover
Exhibition Catalog
10 1/2 x 11 1/2 / 112 pp / 64 color
ISBN: 978-1-933128-56-6 · Retail Price: $29.95


Cowboys and Indians? German artist Siegfried Anzinger appropriates unexpected cultural references ranging from the Bible to pornography to the American West for the brilliant works in this dynamic, large-format exhibition catalog. Anzinger has broken with his trademark impasto application of paint and his past approach to figurative representation, and the effect is quite literally like a brilliant light suddenly shining brightly. These loose, almost improvisational pieces create a painterly panorama that recalls epic works by David, Delacroix or Gerricault: dramatic, wide-ranging, and very personal. Includes photos of the artist’s expressive, almost disturbing, ceramic sculptures.

2011 / Exhibition catalog / Hardcover
9.5 x 11.75 inches / 194 pp / 120 color
ISBN: 978-3-940953-63-6 · Retail Price: $69.95


Works 2011

Mythic, dreamlike, erotic. For almost 40 years, the paintings of influential German-based artist Siegfried Anzinger have transported the viewer to a transparent world of wonder. Featured in this beautiful new museum catalog are 40 recent works that combine animal and human imagery in lightening-quick gestures. “It is as if one were actually dreaming the painting. Anzinger has carefully painted around the casually sketched motif—very sensitively so that one can see how the painter has been guided by the wavering and wobbling of the brush as though it were a dousing rod. And that is precisely what we experience in his paintings: they allow us to dream,” writes Rudi Fuchs in his accompanying text.

August 2012/ Softcover, 9 1/2 x 12 inches/ 80 pp/ 40 color
ISBN: 978-3-86442-004-7 · Retail Price: $39.95

Armin Boehm

The Evil Eye

Berlin-based artist Armin Boehm has become known for his spooky, gothic impasto paintings enticing the viewer into an occult, almost liminal space. This impeccably printed catalog – for Boehm’s first museum show, long overdue – highlights the paintings that result from the artist’s unusual combination of glaze, drippings, metal dust and thickly applied oil; working from pictorial elements in natural colors, Boehm builds layer upon layer, the range of colors becoming darker, until only sporadically shimmering sparks of color testify to the polychrome ground. These engrossing paintings, deeply linked to astronomy, often refer to ritually charged spaces like terror camps or research centers – his dark surfaces develop landscapes, urban views and even interiors. A fascinating young artist.

Snoeck, Germany
January 2010 / Exhibition catalog / Hardcover
8 1/2 x 10 3/4 inches / 144 pp / 120 color
ISBN: 978-3-940953-20-9 · Retail Price: $55.00

Dan Arps


Clouds, New Zealand
The Physics Room, New Zealand
Michael Lett, New Zealand
Neon Parc, Australia
2007 / Exhibition catalog / Softcover / 6 1/ 2 x 9 1/ 4 inches / 36 pp / Extensive b&w and color
ISBN: 978-0-9582789-7-3 · Retail Price: $9.95


Affirmation Dungeon

A common man’s Jeff Koons, Dan Arps is a major world artist based in New Zealand, and this huge exhibition catalog is the most important book yet on his work. Arps is an installation artist known for making spaces – dystopic, uncomfortable, decrepit, paranoid, aspirational – that exist in their own reality. Influenced by James Joyce’s concept of the epiphany of daily life, Arps creates obsessively complete environments out of humble and rejected materials. Like Fluxus and Pop artists, he transforms these materials into installations like the “affirmation dungeon,” and other highly detailed, perceptive commentaries on social expectations and the alchemy of empty spaces. Also featured are insightful essays by Dan Arps, Jon Bywater, Matthew Hyland and Narelle Pathways.

April 2012 / Exhibition catalog / Hardcover
9.25 x 8.25 inches / 340 pp / 320 b/w and 295 color
ISBN: 978-0-9864628-9-4 · Retail Price: $59.95

Art and Survival

Patricia Johanson’s Environmental Projects

Caffyn Kelley
Islands Institute, British Columbia, Canada
December 2005, Softcover, 8 x 8 3/4 inches
180 pp, 28 b&w and 132 color reproductions
ISBN: 0-9738332-0-3 · Retail Price: $24.95

Art: 21: Art in the Twenty-First Century

Volume 6

Susan Sollins

This lavishly illustrated volume, a companion to the sixth season of the Peabodywinning PBS series on contemporary art, offers unparalleled access to 14 of the most dynamic artists working today. The reader journeys behind the scenes into homes and studios for a look at the lives and work of world-renowned artists like Ai Weiwei, who was recently imprisoned by the Chinese government for his politically incendiary work, and Polish performance artist Marina Abramovic, who populated MOMA NY with installations featuring groups of nudes. The book features the artists’ own words, artist biographies, and lush, full color illustrations. Other artists included are Mary Reid Kelley, Glenn Ligon, David Altmejd, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Lynda Benglis, Tabaimo, El Anatsui, Catherine Opie, Rackstraw Downes, Robert Mangold and Sarah Sze. ART: 21 once again takes on the role of historian and recorder of the important international artists working today.

April 2012 / Hardcover / 8.5 x 11.5 inches
208 pp / 57 b/w and 355 color
ISBN: 978-0-615-54566-0 · Retail Price: $45.00


Jannis Kounellis and Mario Merz
Snoeck, Germany
2007 / English and German / Exhibition catalog
Hardcover / 9 x 11 inches / 152 pp / 95 color
ISBN: 978-3-936859-67-6 · Retail Price: $66.00