Alexis Vaillant
Sternberg Press, Berlin/New York
2008 / Softcover / 4 3/4 x 7 inches / 184 pp / 40 color
ISBN: 978-1-933128-44-3 · Retail Price: $22.00


Freek Lomme & Veerle Devreese (Eds.)

Life’s a game—but who are the players? Let’s Start Playing the Game, a reader designed to accompany the 2015 exhibition, proposes play as a synonym for social interaction. Offering a variety of perspectives by artists, designers and writers, and including four new games that were featured in the exhibition by artists Heyheydehaas, Julien Carretero, Thomas Lommee and Uglycute, along with several existing game-oriented works by artists Mireia c. Saladrigues, John Körmeling, Ryan Gander and Aurelien Froment, this publication playfully blends conversations about production, dialogue and wonder. Contributors Petra Van Brabandt, Paul De Bruyne, Florian Schneider, René ten Bos, Laurence Scherz and Harvey Herman explore how in game playing, rules are reinvented, innovation and dialogue stimulated, and anarchy and flexibility tolerated, among many other fascinating topics.

October 2015 / English & Dutch / Exhibition catalog
Softcover / 6 x 7 1/2 inches / 144 pp / 3 b&w and 8 color
ISBN: 978-94-91677-37-3 · Retail Price: $20.00



The Library Was reimagines the function, aesthetic and culture of the library in thecontext of an austerity-stricken future. The book includes interviews with London based library enthusiasts, a profile of the revolutionary Cuban librarian Marta Terry González, a reassessment of The Five Laws of Library Science (as they do and don’t apply to the collection of contemporary zines) and an account of the stolen library of the late Saudi novelist Abd al-Rahman Munif. It also describes the work of a semifictional group of readers and activists called The Library of Aimless Yet Meaningful Pursuit. Contributors to this publication include zine specialist Leila Kassir; publishing house and artists’ collective Fehras Publishing Practices; reader, writer and researcher Hudda Khaireh; and Rianna Jade Parker, founder of the artists’ collective The Lonely Londoners. The author, OOMK, is an art collective and biannual publication run by Heiba Lamara, Sofia Niazi and Rose Nordin.

February 2017 / Softcover
6 x 9 ½ in. / 44 pp
ISBN: 978-1-90601-276-2 · Retail Price: $12.00


The Situationist International and the Exhibition after Art

Daniel Birnbaum & Kim West (Eds.)

Evolving out of the All the King’s Horses series, a multinational project made up of seminars, exhibitions and events following the Situationist International and its network of related groups to various places in Europe, this new publication by Daniel Birnbaum and Kim West looks back at the Situationist confrontations with museums and its meaning today. Organized jointly with Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Life on Sirius traces a path beyond the Situationists’ negativity, anti-art techniques and slogans to outline a sustainable, micro-political alternative. At its center is the concept of play as a lever of instrumentalization. The Situationists were arguably the last and most influential avant-garde movement of the European postwar era. The Situationist International, the hub of the movement that developed several famous concepts and methods in the 1950s and 1960s aimed at transcending art and tearing down established culture continues to be influential on contemporary art and thinking today.

May 2016 / Softcover
3 ¾ x 5 ¾ inches / 72 pp / 14 b&w
ISBN: 978-3-95679-198-7 · Retail Price: $12.00


Cora Fisher & Milena Hoegsberg (Eds.)

Living Labor considers the increasing subordination of life to work. In response to the eroding boundaries between work and life, and against the historic backdrop of the Scandinavian labor movement, the writers gathered in Living Labor propose viable forms of refusal and imagine prospects for a post-work future.

2014 / Exhibition catalog
Softcover / 6 x 8 1/2 inches
216 pp / 13 b&w and 51 color
ISBN: 978-3-943365-67-2 · Retail Price: $22.00


Poems by Fabian Peake

Jeremy Akerman & E ileen Daly (Eds.)

Using repetition and spatial gaps to convey emotion, atmosphere and a sense of time, painter and poet Fabian Peake’s shaped poems are surprising and disquieting. Peake draws on nature, memory and everyday life to create works that, although concrete in look, are distinct from the hard abstraction of concrete poetry of Hans Arp, Kurt Schwitters and Paul Klee. Loose Monk presents 41 works written over 20 years and neatly demonstrates the parallels between how he builds poems and constructs paintings. In the introduction, Peake discusses the relationship between art and writing, some of his underlying themes and the nature of poetic form and abstraction with editors Jeremy Akerman and Eileen Daly.

January 2015 / Softcover
6 x 9 inches / 72 pp / 2 b&w
ISBN: 978-1-909932-00-5 · Retail Price: $25.00


History in Motion: Time in the Age of the Moving Image

The moving image has irrevocably redefined our experience and construction of history. In the contemporary economy of time, history has become an image in motion, a series of events animated and performed through various media. Analyzing a variety of films, video pieces, and performances, Amsterdam-based historian and critic of art and culture Sven Lütticken evaluates the impact that our changing experience of time has had on the actualization of history in the present. In the process, he considers the role of shock and suspense, of play and games, the rise and ubiquity of television, transformed notions of leisure and labor time, and a new “natural history” marked by climate change.

January 2014 / Softcover / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches / 312 pp / 82 b&w
ISBN: 978-3-943365-89-4 · Retail Price: $27.00


Cultural Revolution
Aesthetic Practice after Autonomy

In Cultural Revolution, Amsterdam-based historian and critic Sven Lütticken (b. 1971) looks at art and other forms of aesthetic practice in the context of our rapidly expanding and transforming cultural sphere. Addressing the renewed relevance of the notion of autonomy in a situation in which “the autonomy of art” is a stale, historical joke, Lütticken examines practices ranging from Black Mask to Subversive Aktion, from 1960s Dutch activist group Provo to Occupy, from Wet Dreams to Metahaven, and from New World Academy to Gulf Labor. Across the pages of this book, Scarlett Johansson meets Paul Chan, and Dr. Zira from Planet of the Apes mingles with Paul Lafargue, Rudi Dutschke and Alexandre Kojève. Lütticken is editor for the Witte Raaf and publishes regularly in art magazines such as Jong Holland, Artforum, New Left Review, Afterimage, Texte für Kunst and Camera Austria. Author of Sternberg titles History in Motion (2013) and Idols of the Market (2009).

January 2017 / Softcover
5 ½ x 8 ½ in. / 176 pp / 30 b&w
ISBN: 978-3-95679-194-9 · Retail Price: $26.00


Documents from the Archive of the International Necronautical Society

Tom McCarthy & Simon Critchley

On August 7, 1999, Tom McCarthy founded the International Necronautical Society (INS) with a public presentation of the “Founding Manifesto,” a touchstone that would inform the organization’s proceedings for years to come. Composed of official committee members and illicit “agents,” the INS harks back to early 20th-century avant-gardes, producing declarations, reports, public hearings, broadcasts, and research documents. It also orchestrates more covert media infiltrations, all governed by the objective, set out in the manifesto, of mapping, entering, and occupying the space of death through literature, philosophy, culture, and technology. The  Mattering  of  Matter is a collection of INS documents produced between 1999 and 2010.

January 2013/Exhibition catalog Softcover/
5 1/4 x 7 1/4 inches/ 280 pp/ 6 b&w
ISBN: 978-3-943365-34-4 · Retail Price: $26.00

Make Everything New – A Project on Communism

Grant Watson, Gerrie van Noord & Gavin Everall
Book Works, United Kingdom
2007 / Softcover / 6 3/4 x 9 1/2 inches
176 pp with b&w and color
ISBN: 978-1-870699-93-8 · Retail Price: $39.95