This exhibition catalog celebrates British artist Robert Holyhead’s precise application and removal of paint, his colorful abstract forms and complex compositions. Full-page illustrations of each of the eight paintings from 2010 are accompanied by detailed photographs of the edge of the paintings and places where the paint has been wiped away. Includes a conversation between the artist and Anthony Spira, director of the Milton Keynes Gallery, in which Holyhead says, “I pick up on things that are a little bit peculiar and that exist awkwardly in the world, that are already abstract … My painting presents both a type of personal language and some familiarity with the world.” With several full-color installation views.

2011 / Exhibition catalog / Softcover
8.25 x 10.25 inches / 48 pp / 16 color
ISBN: 978-1-905464-35-7 · Retail Price: $25.00


Accompanying the solo exhibition at Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin (2014), this slender publication presents a group of exciting new works by British contemporary artist Robert Holyhead. Holyhead’s freely brushed, intensely colored paintings engage the tension between color and form through additions and erasures of the painted surface with blocks, ovals and rectangles acting as pins, wedges, slots, slits and focal points. Many of Holyhead’s painted shapes seem to float on the canvas and, in the artist’s words, “pierce the space open” for the viewer. Twenty-three color plates of the work and installation are accompanied by London-based artist/writer David Ryan’s detailed discussion on Holyhead’s “exquisite sense of craft” and the “malleability, opacity and light” of his new paintings.

January 2015 / English & German
Exhibition catalog / Hardcover / 9 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches
64 pp / 23 color
ISBN: 978-1-905464-97-5 · Retail Price: $40.00


The Technology of the Land

Jennifer Allen (Ed.)

Berlin-based artist Olaf Holzapfel explores the interstices between art and craft by collaborating with local farmers and craftspeople to create sculptural work that interweaves human settlement, technique and abstraction. The handsome full-color exhibition catalog features both large site-specific installations consisting of hay, straw and wooden frameworks along with his smaller woven sculptures from his exhibition at the Lindenau-Museum Altenburg. Using space-generating methods like plaiting, weaving and latticing—age-old settler techniques—his sculptures don’t differentiate between the manufactured and the handcrafted, the functional and the aesthetic. By transforming age-old handiwork into contemporary art, Holzapfel unsettles the division between nature and culture, tradition and modernity. A concluding essay by writer Jennifer Allen explores the pattern-making and abstraction in Holzapfel’s work in relationship to Adolf Loos’s influential 1908 essay “Crime and Ornament.”

July 2015 / English & German / Exhibition catalog
Hardcover / 9 1/4 x 12 1/4 inches / 104 pp / 55 color
ISBN: 978-3-95679-091-1 · Retail Price: $36.00


Tobias Rehberger

Max Hollein (Ed.)

The Golden Lion award at the 2009 Venice Biennale underscores the fact that Tobias Rehberger is one of today’s most influential and successful contemporary artists. Now the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt presents a wide-ranging retrospective. The exhibition features high-profile projects such as the installation New York Bar Oppenheimer during Frieze New York 2013, a dizzying blackand- white sculpture as well as a working cafe. This catalog not only documents the exhibition but also includes other featured work. Rehberger makes use of conventional materials from everyday life, thwarting the artificial character imagined by their form and coloring. He contradicts expectations further when his works function as objects of day-to-day use, walking the line between functional demands and the aesthetic directives of “fine art.” An essay from curator Matthias Ulrich positions Rehberger’s work in historical conceptual art.

Release Date: October 2014
English & German / Exhibition Catalog
Softcover / 8 1/4 x 12 1/4 inches / 160 pp / 200 color
ISBN: 978-3-86442-077-1 · Retail Price: $65.00



Zoë Gray (Ed.)

In her first monograph, Brussels-based Dutch artist Hedwig Houben (b. 1983) explores her playful, multifaceted practice from a range of artistic angles. Richly illustrated throughout with drawings and photographs, the book documents her literal and symbolic performances, engaging videos and large sculptural installations produced within the last eight years. Featuring both the artist’s voice and an analysis of her work by three different writers, it contains an introduction of her cast of characters like The Hand, The Pyramid, The Cone, The Cylinder and The Other made from plaster, plywood and Plasticine. Three scripts written by Houben, translated from Dutch to English, accompany an analysis of her work by three different writers; an artist interview by curator Vanessa Desclaux; an exploration of Houben’s humour by German-based American artist Rita McBride; and an in-depth look of Houben’s recent work Personal Matters and Public Affairs by Zoë Gray, senior curator at Wiels Contemporary Art Centre, Belgium.

February 2017 / Hardcover
8 ½ x 12 in. / 108 pp / 14 b&w and 59 color
ISBN: 978-94-90322-75-5 · Retail Price: $35.00


On the Threshold of Performing and Visual Arts
Foreign Affairs Festival 2012–2016

Barbara Gronau, Matthias von Hartz & Carolin Hochleichter (Eds.)

Uncertainty, the present, diversity, theater production and classical dance—these are the themes around which the international performing arts festival Foreign Affairs has drawn artists and audiences over the past four years. Investigating theory and art, global and local realities, Foreign Affairs invites an array of international performing artists to question prevailing political and economic structures on a chosen topic. Believing that our world can be changed, Foreign Affairs takes a distanced look at our own society. How to Frame is both manual and query. It is a collection of ideas, knowledge and experience from all five festivals, including the most recent on the topic of uncertainty, in cooperation with William Kentridge. As artistic director, Kentridge worked with participating artists to develop projects for stage, urban spaces and night exhibitions at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele. With contributions from artists Carolin Hochleichter, Ragnar Kjartansson and Catherine Wood among others.

October 2016 / Softcover / 7 x 8 ½ in.
192 pp / 98 b&w and 32 color
ISBN: 978-3-95679-247-2 · Retail Price: $22.00



Snoeck, Germany
2008 / English & German / Hardcover / 9 x 11 1/4 inches / 128 pp / 98 color
ISBN: 978-3-936859-74-4 · Retail Price: $60.00


Award for Emerging Asian Artists 2015

The Hugo Boss Asia Art Award is at the forefront of emerging artists in Asia, discovering and supporting new talent. An exquisite catalog chronicling the second edition of the award is presented in an over-the-top, lush, oversized publication. Projects by the six nominated artists, all born in early 1980s—Huang Po-Chih (Taiwan), Moe Satt (Myanmar), Vandy Rattana (Cambodia), Maria Taniguchi (Philippines), Yang Xinguang and Guan Xiao (Mainland China)—are presented in full-bleed color illustrations luxuriously printed on thick cover stock that portray the artists’ installations and processes along with accompanying essays offering insights into each artist’s practices and reflecting on the rapid changes and key challenges within these regions. The projects range from Rattana’s poetic photo series and videos on American bombing sites around Cambodia and their effect on the landscape and its inhabitants to Hugo Boss award winner Maria Tanaguchi’s brick wall paintings conveying the abject violence of frontiers and borders.

July 2016 / Exhibition catalog
English & Chinese / Softcover
10 x 13 in. / 210 pp / 125 color
ISBN: 978-3-95679-218-2 · Retail Price: $52.00

Steven Hull

Ab Ovo

NothingMoments Publishing, Los Angeles
2006 / Hardcover / 6 3/4 x 10 inches
145 pp /18 b&w and 62 color
ISBN: 978-0-9670913-4-1 · Retail Price: $45.00

Peter Hutchinson

Dreamed Paradises

This retrospective catalog of works by Peter Hutchinson constitutes one of the most important of the past few decades. The British-born, U.S.-based Hutchinson – a pioneer of Ecological Art, also called Earth Art or Land Art – visualizes our world as an artistic utopia. His photo-collages, object boxes, sculptures and films, as well as documentary and poetic texts, articulate fundamental questions about man’s relationship to the world we inhabit. Hutchinson’s use of natural materials and development of outdoor, site-specific artworks mean that many of his pieces are located on the interface between art and nature. This volume, documenting more than 20 years of lyrical work, does justice to Hutchinson’s stunning vision of “dreamed paradises.” Includes an interview with the artist and several fine essays.

Snoeck, Germany
July 2010 / English & German / Exhibition catalog
Hardcover / 9 1/2 x 11 3/4 inches / 128 pp / 140 color
ISBN: 978-3-940953-27-8 · Retail Price: $49.95