A Selection of Paintings & Drawings, 1947-1986

The Fellows of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
1986, Softcover, 9 x 12 inches
105 pp, 32 duotone and 52 color reproductions
ISBN: 0-911291-12-1 · Retail Price: $20.00


A Critical Reader

Doro Globus

An anthology of critical texts and interviews with the fascinating American conceptual artist Fred Wilson, who describes himself as of “African, Native American, European and Amerindian” descent. Recipient of a MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant, Wilson’s subject is social justice and his medium is museology. This publication focuses on the artist’s pivotal exhibitions and projects, and includes a wide range of significant texts that mark the critical reception of Wilson’s work over the last two decades. Concentrating on some of the most significant moments of Wilson’s career, the book will also include extracts from seminal exhibition catalogues such as Mining the Museum and Speak of Me as I Am – Wilson’s installation in the American Pavilion at the 50th Venice biennale exhibition.

2011 / Softcover / 5 3/4 x 8 1/2 inches
512 pp / 122 color
ISBN: 978-1-905464-36-4 · Retail Price: $39.95


Art School

Filled with photographs of unpopulated studios, Paul Winstanley’s exploration of British art schools highlights their importance at a time when the art school system’s existence is more fraught than ever.

In his latest series, Paul Winstanley documents undergraduate studio spaces from over 50 art colleges across the United Kingdom. These rough and ready, nearly neutral spaces are photographed as found: empty between school years.

Collectively, the works highlight the abstraction of the interior with their temporary white walls, paint stains, neutral floors and open spaces. Photographed in this manner, their sterile nature is juxtaposed by their intended purpose of fostering intense creativity for a future generation of artists.

Over 200 full-colour images, which combine various schools to form their own abstract space, are accompanied by a text by renowned professor Jon Thompson and an interview with the artist by Maria Fusco.

Jon Thompson is an artist, writer and former Professor of Goldsmiths, University of London, London. Maria Fusco is Chancellor’s Fellow at Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh.

2014 / Hardcover
9 x 11 inches / 288 pp / 200 color
ISBN: 978-1-905464-78-4 · Retail Price: $49.95


A unique group of Wool’s paintings were sold at auction in 2013, documented here with details about the artist’s techniques and the story behind these select works from the collection of his former studio assistant. Rooted deeply in contemporary experience and popular culture, Wool relays his relationship to the world through historical modes of production. Guided by formal and technical constraints, he manipulates, distorts and repeats motifs and themes creating works of art that remind us that flaws and imperfections are what make the world most interesting.

2012 / Softcover
6 3/4 x 9 3/4 inches / 24 pp / 3 b&w and 10 color
ISBN: 978-0-9718405-7-7 · Retail Price: $29.95


Dorothee Böhm, Petra Lange-Berndt & Dietmar Rübel (Eds.)

British poet G.K. Chesterton’s apocalyptic anarchist classic—The Man Who Was Thursday (1908)—proves the unlikely starting point for this exhibition and publication from the Kunstverein Hamburg. Chesterton’s mysterious crime story about a seven-headed anarchist council, which consists of spies from London’s secret police, addresses a world in a permanent state of emergency. This atmosphere of discomfiting paranoia resonates in many ways with contemporary society; A World of Wild Doubt intertwines original essays on the skepticism of classical modernity toward absolute freedom with parallel artworks by Andreas Fischer, Bruce Nauman, Mike Kelley, Olaf Metzel, Tony Oursler, Lawrence Weiner and many others whose work criticizes the dominance of neoliberal and plutocratic models in our society. Contributions from Dorothee Böhm, Joachim Koester, Petra Lange-Berndt and Slavoj Žižek.

July 2013 / English & German / Exhibition catalog Softcover / 6 1⁄2 x 9 inches / 216 pp / 182 color
ISBN: 978-3-943365-66-5 · Retail Price: $31.00


The What If?… Scenario (after LG)

Eva Wilson & Daniela Zyman (Eds.)

This catalogue accompanies the eponymous exhibition at TBA21–Augarten in Vienna and brings together threads and voices of leading contemporary artists, scientists, and theoreticians exploring Cerith Wyn Evans’s polyphonic oeuvre.

2014 / Exhibition catalog
Softcover / 9 1/3 x 11 3/4 inches
128 pp / 5 b&w and 56 color
ISBN: 978-3-943365-88-7 · Retail Price: $40.00

Yang Fudong

Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest

Office for Discourse Engineering, Beijing
2008 / Hardcover / 8 3/4 x 11 1/4 inches / 224 pp / extensive b&w
ISBN: 978-91-976351-3-4 · Retail Price: $69.95

Haegue Yang

Siblings and Twins

Siblings and Twins, an exhibition catalog of Haegue Yang’s installation works, documents the exhibition held at Portikus, Frankfurt. The exhibition was part of a serial project designed by Yang in which she staged additional distinct but interconnected installations in other international exhibition sites. Yang’s current works are based on the lives of a variety of historical characters marked by an intense struggle with their own fate in pursuit of their political ideals. In the Frankfurt show, Yang worked with two personal heroes: Kim San, the fighter for Korea’s freedom, and the French author Marguerite Duras. Yang is distinguished by her ability to place abstractly conceived, complex states of affairs into a self-supporting language of formal abstraction. Bringing additional insight into Yang’s work are essays by Doryun Chong, Bart van der Heide and Melanie Ohnemus.

Sternberg Press, Berlin/New York
2010 / Exhibition catalog / Softcover / 7 x 9 7/8 inches / 160 pp / 35 color
ISBN: 978-1-934105-03-0 · Retail Price: $29.95


Dare to Count Phonemes and Graphemes

Korean artist Haegue Yang‘s internationally known works are appreciated for their eloquent and seductive language of visual abstraction combined with sensory experiences. Lesser known is her ongoing research, which is empowered by nontraditional methods of analyzing sounds and language, and built on underlying references to cultural, social and political history. This catalog accompanies two parallel solo exhibitions relating to these themes: Journal of Bouba/kiki, the practice of mapping shapes to sounds, and Journal of Echomimetic Motions, the process of replicating sounds through words. The catalog includes illustrations of Yang’s appealing sculptural nickel bell installations alongside newly commissioned texts by curator and technologist Ute Meta Bauer and curator Kathy Noble, as well as an interview with the artist by Kyla McDonald and Steinar Sekkingstad.

July 2014 / Exhibition catalog
Softcover / 7 x 10 inches / 202 pp / Extensive b&w and color
ISBN: 978-3-943365-91-7 · Retail Price: $43.00


Bling blang, ching chang, give me some of that yin yang

The first survey of the (2010–14) work by the young Swiss and Danish duo Yarisal & Kublitz, this monograph gives us a deeper look into their emblematic, enigmatic, imaginative and often humorous work. Sculptures mixing the inorganic with the organic, traditional religious symbols and their New Age counterparts with common everyday references and popular culture blur the line between what is considered holy and what is considered secular. At once commonplace and strange, their sculptures expand our associations by releasing iconography from its common paradigms. Curator/critic Elizabeth Grady writes, “Ultimately, their work as a whole explores the territory of the human condition; from our physical embodiment to our metaphysical state of being.” Essays by Elizabeth Grady, Norwegian filmmaker/photographer Marius Ektvedt and curator/filmmaker Joshua Simon along with preface by Alex Gartenfeld.

January 2015
Hardcover / 9 1/2 x 11 1/4 inches
88 pp / 10 b&w and 32 color
ISBN: 978-3-95679-103-1 · Retail Price: $32.00