Light Reaching the Future

Ever-ambitious even in her mid-career, Berlin-based Rika Noguchi has chosen light as her subject. One of Japan’s contemporary photography masters, she moves seamlessly between small and large universes, between the microscopic and the macroscopic. This exhibition catalog from the Izu Photo Museum highlights two decades of work, including several previously unpublished and un-exhibited works.

With its full-color reproductions and installation photos, this publication provides the best opportunity yet to understand the depth of this mid-career artist (born in 1971). Increasingly recognized worldwide, her work is included in such important collections as the Guggenheim in New York and MOCA in Los Angeles.

While words like “poetic” and “ambiguous” frequently occur in writings about Noguchi’s work, she is by no means a traditionally Japanese photo-based artist. By allowing light refraction to re-define form, her images can range widely from an explosion of color to a small detail (for instance, the shadow of a person on a far horizon). The cover image, which depicts the monochromatic shadow of a hand broken by a bright refracted rainbow, is typical of the startling contrasts that can result.

Produced with the high quality characteristic of Japanese publications, this dust-jacketed, semi-hardcover monograph provides an extensive cross-section of her work. The catalog shows her most recent works as well as her breakthrough series, Record of Creation. The new silkscreen prints are juxtaposed with photographic prints; the contrast between the two media offers an analysis on the very essence of photography.

Art critic Yuri Mitsuda adds an insightful essay about the photographer’s explorations over the years. As American interest in contemporary Japanese photography grows, Rika Noguchi remains an artist to watch.

Nohara, Japan
Izu Photo Museum, Japan
August 2012 / Japanese only
Softcover w/ DVD / 7 x 9 inches / 176 pp / Full color
ISBN: 978-4-904257-11-1 · Retail Price: $49.95

‘O WRITE MY NAME’ American Portraits, Harlem Heroes

Photographs by Carl Van Vechten

Darryl Pinckney Leslie George Katz & Peter Kayafas (Eds.)

‘O, Write My Name’: American Portraits, Harlem Heroes presents us with exquisite duotone portraits of 50 extraordinary people who participated in the great cultural movement that was the Harlem Renaissance. This collection by the photographer, critic and novelist Carl Van Vechten is a celebration of these inimitable writers, actors, musicians, painters, athletes and intellectuals as well as an acknowledgment of their unprecedented contribution to American art and culture. Van Vechten’s friendship with his subjects is reflected in the intimate nature of these portraits. With an insightful introduction by American novelist, playwright and essayist Darryl Pinckney, this book is an homage to the African American men and women from the Harlem Renaissance who continue to inspire generations.

January 2015
Hardcover / 7 1/2 x 10 inches
136 pp / 50 duotones
ISBN: 978-0-87130-070-6 · Retail Price: $50.00


Au Louvre, Arcadia revisited

Rainer Iglar & Michael Mauracher (Eds.)

Oberdanner’s magnificent photographic book is set in the Louvre and focuses on French art and the Enlightenment. The interiors and exteriors of this iconic museum, the employees, visitors and other people found there, and carefully selected exhibits are combined into scenes, which recreate an ideal, fictitious museum visit. The artist explores the art-historical context and highlights artistic qualities, using surprising close-ups and startling details. Almost as an aside, the captions contain encyclopedic facts about the history of the Louvre itself, the political circumstances of the day, and anecdotes on the personalities portrayed. Texts by Marta Smolin ́ska, Suzie Jungeun Lee.

January 2013/ French German & English/ Hardcover w/ insert/
9 1/2 x 12 2/3 inches/ 144 pp/ 81 color
ISBN: 978-3-902675-56-9 · Retail Price: $42.00

Annelies Oberdanner

Wien 2

Photographer Annelies Oberdanner’s second book of images of Vienna, this volume deepens her exploration of this magical city, delving even further into its color and atmosphere. At first glance, Oberdanner’s photos seem to be telling only part of the story, but they reveal a mystery as the viewer studies each image. Don’t expect picture-postcard scenes: she focuses on non-descript areas of town, looking behind the obvious facades at the surprising beauty of bare-branched trees mantled in snow, a potted plant abandoned on a sidewalk, high-rises sprouting from rubble. These unembellished, almost casual, scenes give a truer portrait of Vienna than any glossy guidebook.

Fotohof Editions, Austria
January 2010 / Hardcover / 6 1/4 x 9 1/2 inches / 200 pp / 170 color
ISBN: 978-3-902675-25-5 · Retail Price: $45.00


Foukauld – Dissapearance

Oberndorfer’s photographs of bunker installations built by the Nazi regime along the beaches of Cap Ferret near Bordeaux are eloquent witnesses of the disappearance, alteration and appropriation of relics from the Second World War. The color photographs in this meticulously designed and presented artist’s book were taken over a period of five years, their muted colours and cloudy contrast metaphors for the transience of analogue photographic material. The bunkers themselves recede inconspicuously into their landscape, marked by corrosion and water damage from the harsh climate. Today, they serve mainly as viewing platforms for surfers and tourists or ideal surfaces for graffiti. Texts by Inge Marszolek and Wolf Langewitz further consider the project and its homage to Michel Foucault’s work on history and memory. A poignant reminder of how history can be so quickly forgotten and absorbed into contemporary life.

January 2013/ French, German & English/
Hardcover 9 x 11 1/4 inches/ 106 pp/ 57 color
ISBN: 978-3-902675-71-2 · Retail Price: $49.95

Eva Maria Ocherbauer

La Vie Et La Mort

Fotohof Editions, Austria
2006 / Exhibition catalog / Hardcover with dust jacket
8 3/4 x 11 inches / 120 pp / 40 b&w and 60 color
ISBN: 3-901756-60-4 · Retail Price: $39.95



In a tradition of photographic city portraits, Austrian photographer Hanns Otte exposes an idiosyncratic energy of image in his own particular approach to Linz, 2009’s Cultural Capital of Europe. Otte purposely avoid taking “typical” photographs of city’s industrial areas urban centers or shopping malls. Instead, he trains his lens on deserted situations – even highly frequented places such as railway stations, ports, and car parks remain largely anonymous. Rather than showing people, Otte shows the places where they interact. His project is part of a long tradition which has retraced a special topography of social life. Like Otte’s other photographic projects, this collection allows the viewer to see the details of the texture of urban life without interference.

Fotohof Editions, Austria
2009 / German only / Hardcover
10 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches / 80 pp / 51 color
ISBN: 978-3-902675-16-3 · Retail Price: $32.00

Hanns Otte

Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Fotohof Editions, Austria
2007 / English & German / Hardcover
11 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches / 128 pp / 100 b&w and color
ISBN: 978-3-901756-80-1 · Retail Price: $55.00



Glasgow-based artist Robert Palmer combines photography, wall-drawing, video, text and other media into powerful work commenting on representation of landscape, and its relationship to colonial and post-colonial discourse in places like South Africa and Australia. This second monograph for Palmer, which includes 84 gelatin-silver photographs made from 2001-2011, is divided into three sections – Latitude, Circulation and Longitude – made on different journeys. Palmer says his photos are not about describing the world, but “much more about bringing together different fragments of the world into one location, and that location is the photographic picture plane.” The book also includes an essay by Penelope Curtis, Director of Tate Britain, in which she recalls her experiences as Palmer’s travelling companion on a journey through South Africa.

April 2012 / Exhibition catalog / Hardcover
9.5 x 11.5 inches / 176 pp / 100 b/w
ISBN: 978-3-902675-65-1 · Retail Price: $69.95



Phosphorescence presents Glasgow-based photographer Roger Palmer’s most recent exploration of the tiny island of Nauru, 60 km south of the equator in the Pacific Ocean. Staying at one of only two hotels on the island, Palmer cycled the island’s roads exploring for 18 days. Composed of 47 color photographs, Palmer shares with the viewer a mostly ravaged landscape from an island that was once the world’s wealthiest welfare state. Phosphate deposits formed from seabird guano used for military bombing technology once financed its 10,000 inhabitants, but after the mining profits dissipated, the landscape was left stripped and devastated. Nauru, now a skeleton of its earlier self, receives financial assistance by operating refugee centers as part of Australia’s Pacific Solution of sending asylum seekers to detention facilities on Pacific island nations. A simple photo essay, with a limited text by Lyn Detabene wrapped around a complex story reflecting on colonial exploitation and human greed.

January 2015
Softcover / 11 3/4 x 8 1/4 inches
80 pp / 45 color
ISBN: 978-3-902993-08-3 · Retail Price: $39.95