Freek Lomme (Ed.)

50-year-olds: they’re hung up in streets, stuck in dull, damp plastic sleeves; they are taped to lampposts, to electricity substations or traffic signs; or they’re attached to trees with drawing pins.


A Critical Study of Fashion as a System of Value Production: Femke de Vries

Ruby Hoette, Hanka van der Voet & Femke de Vries (Eds.)

In this newly packaged second edition of the manifesto on the role of ornament in contemporary fashion, Dutch designer/artist and researcher Femke de Vries presents fresh insights into how fashion functions in today’s experience economy.

ONE-TO-ONE: Reader

Elisa van Joolen

Ruby Hoette (Ed.)

One-to-One refers to a working method where items of clothing became large-sized printing tools, covered in black and blue ink.