Alvar Aalto – His Life

Göran Schildt
Alvar Aalto Museum, Finland
2007 / Hardcover / 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches
774 pp / 3 b&w
ISBN: 978-952-5371-29-1 · Retail Price: $55.00


The 1st International Alvar Aalto Symposium

Kirmo Mikkola
Alvar Aalto Foundation, Finland
1981 / English & Finnish / Hardcover
8 1/4 x 8 3/4 inches / 160 pp / 200 b&w
ISBN: 978-951-682-058-6 · Retail Price: $12.00

Alvar Aalto. A Life’s Work

Architecture, Design and Art

Göran Schildt
Alvar Aalto Museum, Finland
1994 / Hardcover / 9 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches
317 pp / extensive b&w and color
ISBN: 978-951-1-12975-2 · Retail Price: $92.00


Social Housing—Housing the Social: Art, Property and Spatial Justice

Andrea Phillips & Fulya Erdemci (Eds.)

Housing provides essential shelter, but also gives form to the social. It represents and embodies the materiality of civic politics and thus demonstrates the uneven nature of spatial justice at local and global scale. This is the second volume in the Actors, Agents and Attendants series (initiated by SKOR | Foundation for Art and Public Domain) and it questions the politics of urban practice from a variety of geopolitical and disciplinary viewpoints, mixing artistic and architectural contributions with those of sociologists, urban historians, philosophers, and activists. Contributors include Manuel Castells, Chto Delat, Teddy Cruz, Zoran Eric ́, Fallen Fruit, Jiang Jun, Doreen Massey, Markus Miessen, Don Mitchell, Partizan Publik, Andrea Phillips, Miguel Robles-Durán, Martha Rosler, and Ultra- red, among others.

January 2013/ English/Exhibition catalog Softcover/
6x 1/4 x 9x 1/4 inches/ 550 pp/ Extensive b&w
ISBN: 978-3-943365-17-7 · Retail Price: $31.00

After The City, This (Is How We Live)

Tom Marble

After The City gives an important insider view into the real world of real estate development in Southern California. Using the structure of a screenplay to tell the story, architect Tom Marble takes the reader inside the minds of the people on both sides of the development conflict – those seeing land as a commodity for profit, and those who see it as a valued resource for all to enjoy. Having spent time negotiating on both sides of the conference table, Marble goes beyond the usual debates, shedding light on the goals and motivations of all parties embroiled in defining how we live in a post-urban, consumer-driven economy.

L.A. Forum for Architecture and Urban Design
2008 / Forum 04 / Softcover
7 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches / 160 pp / 60 color
ISBN: 978-0-9763166-4-0 · Retail Price: $19.95


Interpretations of an Everyday Modernism

Renja Suominen-Kokkonen

This book chronicles the artistic exploration and collaboration by renowned Finnish architect Alvar Aalto and his first wife, architect Aino Aalto. Originally a series of articles published in a Finnish academic journal, the crux of this slim soft-cover book by Finnish art history Professor Suominen-Kokkonen looks at the social and creative metamorphosis the Aaltos experienced when, as a young married couple, they relocated to the southern Finnish city of Turku in 1927.

Alvar Aalto Foundation / Museum, Finland
2008 / Softcover / 6 3/4 x 9 3/4 inches
224 pp / 77 b&w and 9 color
ISBN: 978-952-5371-32-1 · Retail Price: $59.95

Alvar Aalto

Villa Mairea 1938-39

Juhani Pallasmaa

Villa Mairea documents Alvar Aalto’s renowned private dwelling for timber magnate Harry and Maire Gullischsen. From smartly lashed joints to idiosyncratic door handles, Villa Mairea shows a master architect in full command of his power. Constructed after Wright’s Fallingwater, this project addresses Wright’s influence, as well as Aalto’s reverence for Japanese architecture. This stunning monograph reproduces all phases of the project sketches, extensive historical, and contemporary reproductions, along with an engaging essay about the homeowners and how they came to commission Aalto.

Alvar Aalto Foundation, Finland
Mairea Foundation, Finland
1998/2005, 2nd edition
Softcover, 93/4 x 11 inches
168 pp, 157 b&w and 198 color reproductions
ISBN: 978-952-5371-31-4 · Retail Price: $120.00

Alvar Aalto Architect Volume 6

The Aalto House 1935-36

Juhani Pallasmaa

One of the most progressive and innovative structures of modernist architecture, the Alvar Aalto house helped put modernism on the map. This volume is entirely dedicated to Aalto’s residence, which acted as a proving ground and sketch pad for his architecture and groundbreaking furniture designs. With detailed floorplans, full-color photographs and vintage black-and-white pictures never published before, The Aalto House is a definitive look at the brilliance of one architect’s hearth and home. Volume 6 is one of 28 major publications being produced from the Aalto archive.

Alvar Aalto Academy/Foundation, Finland
2003, Hardcover, 12 x 10 inches
152 pp, 88 b&w and 70 color reproductions
ISBN: 978-952-5498-02-8 · Retail Price: $145.00

Alvar Aalto Architect Volume 7

Sunila 1936-54

Pekka Korvanmaa

Sunila (1936-1954) is a unique project in which Alvar Aalto was tasked to create three industrial villages. Simply, it marked a turning point in Aalto’s career. Requiring a functional community alongside an industrial plant, Sunila’s pulp-mill needed housing, for which Aalto constructed a functioning residential area with apartment blocks, supervisors’ dwellings, bus stops and a school. The seventh volume in the Alvar Aalto Foundation’s 28-volume set, this comprehensive and monograph exemplifies the foundation’s high publishing standards. Extensive color photographs, black and white floor plans, project sketches and essays from scholars create a holistic picture of the project.

Alvar Aalto Foundation, Finland
2007 / Hardcover / 12 1/4 x 9 3/4 inches
176 pp / 158 b&w and 62 color reproductions
ISBN: 978-952-5498-03-5 · Retail Price: $145.00

Alvar Aalto Architect. Volume 13

University of Technology, Otaniemi 1949–74

This extensive publication documents Alvar Aalto’s work on the design of the Helsinki University of Technology campus, which began when he won the first prize in an architectural competition in 1949. The totality that Aalto created can still be experienced today, despite various infills in the area designed by other architects. Besides numerous photographs and schematics, this excellent survey includes articles by Aalto experts on the historical background of the university and its architecture, and on the mid-20th-century university campus. The Works section presents a selection of buildings and unrealized projects by the Aalto office between 1947 and 1974.

Alvar Aalto Foundation, Finland
2008 / Volume 13
Hardcover / 12 x 10 inches
176 pp / 200 b&w and 75 color
ISBN: 978-952-5498-08-0 · Retail Price: $195.00