Tippelzone Revised

Louise Schouwenberg

Source 04 presents research and design proposals concerning the issue of drugrelated prostitution in Eindhoven, Holland. At the request of the City of Eindhoven, the Design Academy’s Master’s Degree Program, IM, researched a designated prostitution area in the Woensel West district and created alternatives. In 2003, to combat problems generated by drug-related street prostitution, the city established a tolerance zone or tippelzone. It helped. Public disturbances were reduced, care for prostitutes improved and the area became safer. The city, however, does not wish to continue facilitating prostitution. They also hope to offer the women other alternatives to help them escape their dependency on drugs and pimps. This requires creative and, most of all, unorthodox solutions. Source 04 includes research, essays and photographic documentation by visiting scholars, professors and student, of the resulting design proposals.

April 2009 / Softcover / 6 1/2 x 9 inches / 88 pp / 150 illustrations
ISBN: 978-90-5973-085-4 · Retail Price: $26.00

Source 02

Disclosing Dapperbuurt

Louise Schouwenberg

Perennial challenges for urban planning include the problems and the potential of old urban neighborhoods in large cities. This second volume of Design Academy Eindhoven’s smartly edited new urban design journal takes on the Dapperbuurt neighborhood in Amsterdam – which has a well-known public market, but needs a facelift and public safety improvements – as a case study. Urban design students have come up with a constellation of interesting proposals to give Dapperbuurt a new identity. The perfect-bound journal includes texts by experts on the theme of urban space, research materials, photos of the neighborhood and its residents, schematics and drawings, and scale models.

Episode Publishers, The Netherlands
June 2008 / Softcover / 6 1/2 x 9 inches
88 pp / 150 color
ISBN: 978-90-5973-081-6 · Retail Price: $26.00

Source 01

The Shape of Justice

Louise Schouwenberg

In the first issue of this impeccable new journal on urban design, the Dutch Government Buildings Agency collaborated with students at the Design Academy Eindhoven to develop a design for the new Court of Justice building in Amsterdam. After researching the role of justice in today’s world, students made proposals for the new building, both inside and out, including: how to use universal symbols on and around the building; dealing with the accused, the victims, visitors, and people working in the building. The intriguing end results are shown in drawings, photographs and models, and explained in crystalline texts in English.

Episode Publishers, The Netherlands
June 2008 / Softcover / 61/ 2 x 9 inches
64 pp / 15 b&w and 42 color
ISBN: 978-90-5973-068-7 · Retail Price: $26.00


Designing Global Choices

Louise Schouwenberg

The worldwide trade in consumer goods has resulted in a uniformity of supply, threatening the survival of local traditions. Yet is the call to return to old ways nostalgia for the pre-globalized world, or a real and realistic impulse? Designers can play an important role in the discovery of new possibilities, according to this fascinating book from the IM Masters program at the prestigious Design Academy in Eindhoven. The multi-ethnic student population investigated traditional techniques from their own home countries and formulated design proposals that would give these techniques and traditions a place in our time. This fifth edition of Source includes essays and an interview on the theme of Designing Global Choices, as well as examples of the students’ research and design proposals.

Jap Sam Books, The Netherlands
2010 / Softcover / 6 1/2 x 9 inches / 88 pp / 36 color
ISBN: 978-94-90322-19-9 · Retail Price: $26.00

Soviet Style

100 Royalty Free JPEG Files

2006 / Softcover with fold back flaps & CD-ROM
108 pp / 100 full color
ISBN: 4-86100-336-9 · Retail Price: $59.95


Workshop, Manual and Compendium

Markus Weisbeck, Michael Ott & Mathias Schmitt (Eds.)

The Space for Visual Research was established in 2013 at the Bauhaus University, Weimar, as a workshop and laboratory for experimental research into new graphic, abstract and visual worlds. Its mission is to support the exploratory search for new aesthetics, in particular by empowering design students to create their own individual imagery. A lab book, The Space for Visual Research publication is a log of visual experiments using physics, chemistry, optics and reproduction technology as a starting point for image production. Technical explanations open up possibilities for customized reproductions of each visual experiment, while commissioned interviews and essays and a carefully selected bibliography make The Space for Visual Research a useful reference tool. Thirteen projects by 22 artists is extensively documented with color and black-and-white images along with a prologue by Markus Weisbeck and Alex Marashian and epilogue by Liam Gillick.

Release Date: May 2015
English & German / Hardcover / 9 x 13 inches
184 pp / Extensive b&w and color
ISBN: 978-3-944669-80-9 · Retail Price: $42.00


Markus Dressen, Anne König & Jan Wenzel

A magazine as permanent workshop—it was in these pages that Spector Books discovered the themes that still interest them today; here they began to combine texts, images and typography into unique formats and to explore the content-based aspects of visual design. Cut+Paste was Spector Books magazine series launched in 2001, featuring essays, interviews and examples of work with artists, philosophers, authors and directors. Bundled together for the first time is the complete set of issues covering the four years the magazine was in print. With contributions from Rimini Protokoll, Slavoj Žižek, Vladimir Sorokin, Mark Hamilton, Christof Gassner, Olaf Nicolai, Aglaia Konrad, Thorsten Krämer, Gitte Villesen and others.

October 2014
4-volume set / English & German / Softcover
9 1/2 x 12 1/2 inches / 472 pp / Extensive b&w and color
ISBN: 978-3-944669-04-5 · Retail Price: $35.00


Designing for Energy Awareness

Ramia Mazé

The product of a Swedish Interactive Institute symposium, this engrossing reader asks us to re-think the form and future of electricity. Though much of our modern lifestyle is powered by electricity, the energy itself is largely invisible, and today its economic and environmental costs require us to think again about how we use it and waste it. With a thought-provoking collection of texts, drawings, photos, schematics and charts, this book explores how the design process can increase awareness of energy, re-interpreting familiar furnishings and products to make the use of electricity more visible. Grounded in passion and humor, rigor and research, the book asks designers and consumers – that is, all of us – to look at the future of energy use in a new way.

Arvinius Förlag, Sweden
August 2011 / Softcover / 6 3/4 x 9 1/2 inches / 124 pp / 55 color
ISBN: 978-91-85689-34-7 · Retail Price: $32.00


Junko Yazaki (Ed.)

This is not your grandmother’s embroidery! Welcome to “STITCH SHOW,” a collection of embroidery by up-and-coming creators, artists, brands and studios. From elaborate natural scenes of flora and fauna reminiscent of medieval tapestries to adorable knitted food items at home in any craft shop to works of art exploring complex issues, such as gender, rarely seen in the medium: this book showcases the diverse modes of expression in contemporary embroidery. Included are full-color photos of more than 50 pieces, separated into the categories of art, design, illustration, handicraft and traditional craft, accompanied by biographical information and interviews with selected artists.

January 2014 / English & Japanese
Softcover / 7 x 9 1/2 inches / 192 pp / 200 color
ISBN: 978-4-86100-878-8 · Retail Price: $38.00

247 Swedish Craft Artists

A Guide From South to North

A survey, a resource guide, a source of inspiration and a celebration of the creativity and reach of Swedish craft, this book shows the work of 247 of the leading craft artists in Sweden today. Many of these artists are deeply influenced by the natural world, using organic shapes, and floral and animal motifs to transform everyday objects of the home and workplace into evocative art. Featuring artists from Skåne in the south to the Arctic Circle in the north, this profusely illustrated and impeccably designed book looks at glass, ceramics, textile, wood, concrete, metal, plastic and stone work in over 600 photos. Maps and the craft artists’ own words place their dazzling work in the context of Sweden and our modern world.

Arvinius Förlag, Sweden
2009 / Softcover / 6 x 9 inches / 338 pp / 620 color
ISBN: 978-91-85689-08-8 · Retail Price: $75.00