The Politics of Bacteria, Docile Bodies, Ronde de Nuit

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles / R.A.M. Publications,
Los Angeles
1998, Exhibition catalog
Hardcover, 7 x 11 inches
60 pp, numerous b&w and color reproductions
ISBN: 0-914357-57-3 · Retail Price: $26.00


Contemporary Photographers: Australia

Writelight Pty Ltd.
1998, Series number 4
Softcover, 6 3/4 x 8 1/2 inches
96 pp, 91 b&w reproductions
ISBN: 0-646-30587-5 · Retail Price: $20.00


nude, pensive

Hemma Schmutz (Ed.)

The title nude, pensive stems from a postcard found by Austrian artist Ulrike Lienbacher—a pin-up girl on a bed, lost in contemplation. Lienbacher’s book expands upon her 2010 exhibition Elite  Bodies//  Revolt at the Salzburger Kunstverein and reflects the many aspects of nudity and ways of viewing naked bodies in the history of visual culture: as an ancient mytho-historical motif in art history, a learning tool for students in figure drawing classes, and the object of the pornographic gaze. This richly illustrated volume contains new drawings, preceded by black-and-white photographs of body studies and previously unpublished photographic works—museum scenes, still lifes and interiors. Once again this artist entrances us with her seductive and sensual but simple drawings. Texts by cultural theorist Elke Krasny and curator Thomas Trummer contemplate the role of the nude in contemporary art-making.

April 2013/ English & German/ Exhibition catalog Hardcover/ 8 3/4 x 11 2/3 inches/ 128 pp/ 80 b&w and color
ISBN: 978-3-902675-77-4 · Retail Price: $39.95

Lincoln: An Album of Photographs and Words

Eakins Press Foundation, New York
1973 / Paper foldout / 6 x 6 inches / 8 pp
No ISBN · Retail Price: $9.95


The Last Days of Shishmaref

In 2007, Dutch-born, New York-based photographer Dana Lixenberg took her trademark 4-by-5-inch field camera and joined a film crew to document the Inupiaq (Eskimo) shoreline village of Shishmaref, which is disappearing into a rising sea as global warming melts the island’s protective permafrost layer. From these visits comes this unusually powerful book, a hybrid of environmental photography and fine art essay, exploring the relationship between the 600 Inupiaq-people Al Gore has named “the first climate refugees”– and their unforgiving yet beautiful environment. The text addresses village debate about where to move and the effects of popular Western culture. Lixenberg’s poignant portraiture brings to vivid life the men, women, and children whose identity hangs in the balance.

Episode Publishers, The Netherlands
2009 / Exhibition catalog / Softcover
6 1/2 x 9 inches / 208 pp / 103 color
ISBN: 978-90-5973-110-3 · Retail Price: $45.00


From the Periphery

The medieval city of Braunschweig, in Germany’s picturesque Hanz Mountains, received a utopian redesign during the new city movement of the 1930s. This abrupt change in the city’s organization proved a starting point for photographer Bettina Lockemann’s newest project. Braunschweig was transformed into a model for the hyper-systemic, democratic urban-planning philosophies of the time, with its vast housing estates and winding streets acknowledging the inevitable domination of automobile traffic. But how does the city function on those precepts today? Lockemann’s photographic images reveal streets too broad, disrupting the flow of space for any use other than driving, restricting the natural interaction of foot traffic and public contact. From the Periphery is a challenging body of work that explores architectural norms and stimulates the rethinking of our urban environments.

2014 / English & German
Exhibition catalog / Hardcover
6 3/4 x 9 1/4 inches / 145 pp / 108 color
ISBN: 978-3-902675-88-0 · Retail Price: $39.95


Found Altered Snapshots from the Collection of Thierry Struvay

Thierry Struvay

A photograph is forever. Or is it? Culled from the vast vernacular photographic collection of Thierry Struvay, Love & Hate & Other Mysteries presents a funny, often poignant and truthful glimpse into the human condition. The unassuming and elegantly designed hardcover publication explodes once opened with 100 found black-and-white and color photographs that have been manually altered by scissors or pen or physically attacked in a fit of rage. Some deletions, such as a missing face in the shape of a heart or oval, were clearly intended for a locket. Others, however, contain angrily scratched-out heads and bodies or are simply torn in half. A third group feature manipulations more mysterious in nature: strange cut-outs that hint at a mix of emotions and motives. Together the photographs suggest a wide range of human drama, from affection to anger and much in between. The Brussels-based collector’s sprawling collection of found portraits runs the gamut from sexy snaps of men in jockstraps to all-American family portraits, a portion of which is currently on view in Brussels (2016). As with many of the sought-after titles by August Editions, Love & Hate is produced in a limited print run.

November 2016 / Hardcover
6 ½ x 8 ¼ in. / 144 pp / 100 color
ISBN: 978-0-9859958-5-0 · Retail Price: $40.00



A staggering number of images make up Leipzig-based photographer Frank Madler’s new artist’s book. Kopal is the culmination of an obsessive 20-year project documenting every aspect of the artist’s personal life, neighborhood, family, meals and social events until 2012, when his stock of discontinued SX-70 Polaroid film ran out. The final publication mimics the structure of a quaint family album—but 1,224 Polaroids later, it’s something more personal and complex being presented. In a departure from the large-format photographs that comprise the bulk of his production, Kopal focuses on small images, catalogued chronologically (as they appear in the book), alphabetically and also according to Madler’s own whimsical personal categories. This makes for a self-charted voyage of discovery through the artist’s very personal history. With a text by Insa Wilke.

2014 / English & German
Hardcover / 8 3/4 x 9 1/2 inches
455 pp / 1,224 color
ISBN: 978-3-902675-86-6 · Retail Price: $58.00


Tafelwerk: Arbeiten 1996–2016

For over twenty years, Leipzig-based photographer Frank Mädler (b. 1963) has worked with serial and conceptual approaches to making and curating his images. Accompanying the artist’s solo exhibition at the Leonhardi-Museum, Tafelwerk (2016), this well-designed monograph presents a comprehensive overview of his work from 1996–2016. The color images, grouped in fifteen chapters and defined by a single word such as, Meadow or Shine, create poetic explorations that begin as natural photographic compositions but morph into something very different. It is through the artist’s manipulation of the image while being exposed in the film camera that a more representational work is created. The oversized format, lush color reproductions and clean design create an exceptional viewing experience for over 150 images. An introductory text by Agnes Matthias gives history and background to Mädler and his ethereal images.

February 2017 / Exhibition catalog / English & German / Hardcover
8 ½ x 10 ¾ in. / 192 pp / 156 color
ISBN: 978-3-902993-26-7 · Retail Price: $40.00


Participating Artists Press Agency

Lino Hellings, Hans Aarsman & Nienke Terpsma (Eds.)

In a brilliant amalgam of old and new media, the Participating Artists Press Agency (PAPA) is an international, curated network of artist-correspondents, initiated and led by artistic director Lino Hellings. The mission of the organization is to manufacture news by taking action. Developed by Hellings at an artist’s residency at the Photo Press Agency Drik in Dhaka, PAPA is intended as an instrument for mapping by reading meaningful patterns from street photography around the world. Correspondents take images with a clear question or issue in mind and then share them on the PAPA blog each day paired with texts. The  Making  of  PAPA is a photobook combining a DIY manual, city guide to PAPA’s nomadic locations, visual essays by correspondents and a text on the agency’s founding.

January 2013/ Softcover/ 6 3/4 x
9 1/2 inches/ 367 pp/ 100 b&w, 150 color
ISBN: 978-94-6083-066-2 · Retail Price: $45.00